Halloween 2010

Not much time this week for lengthy storytelling. Pictures will have to suffice.

Native American studies at Integrated Day. Rachel is Hototo. (If you're a Wizard of Oz fan, try saying Hototo without saying "And Hototo too."

Groovy Man!

Rachel's art project at the Norwich Free Academy Arts Program this week is making gargoyles in pottery class. She is also into fairies. So when shopping for Halloween costumes, it was a "must have" when we stumbled upon the Gargoyle Fairy costume.

Some things need no explanation...and some things do!

At the 2nd Annual Aliano Halloween Party, I ended up being the scariest to the kids. Not my intention. But certainly, I'm no Helena Bonham Carter and so it just looked, well, scary. You agree? Ok then. "Off with your head!"

Here's a picture of a simple costume that made everyone laugh:

She was dressed as a smarty pants. LOL!

It wouldn't be Halloween if we didn't torment the cats in some way. So here's what we did. We asked them what they wanted to dress up as. Both agreed they wanted to go as each other!

From Left to Right, Swiffur dressed as Bluepurr. And Bluepurr dressed as Swiffur:

Didn't Bluepurr nail Swiffur's ear hair? Uncanny!

Ths scariest part of the night was in a neighborhood down the street from my house. This area of Ledyard is referred to as Aljen Heights. Last year we went there and one house topped all others by having their front lawn all decorated with live zombies that would grab you as you walked up to the house to get candy. LOVE hearing kids squealing from fear! But this year they outdid themselves. It took them three weeks to build this thing. Rachel referred to it as an addition to their house. They had built a tunnel of doom that you had to walk through to get to the pot of candy. Zombies, dead soldiers, corpses from coffins jumped out at you as you made your way through this pathway full of creepy stuff. It was called, "Aljen Frights". They even had pigs trying to escape from being buried alive. It was very cool. The pictures didn't do it justice.

The next 4 pictures are the scariest pictures I took all night. Warning: The last picture is not for the faint-hearted. Discretion should be used when viewing the 4th picture. I get a chill just posting it.

#1 - Real pig's head

#2 - The coffin

#3 - Aljen Frights entrance

#4 - Here's your chance to look away before it's too late...

My mother. Aaaaaahhhhhhh!

For dinner, we met up with my sister and brother-in-law at Harp and Dragon in Norwich. Guess they didn't feel like dressing up for Halloween. Some people don't have the spirit. (Chuck really should see a dentist soon.)

My Kaneclusion: I love Halloween.

What? You were expecting more than that? Didn't I already say that I didn't have much time? Or didn't you read that part and just skipped right to the pictures? You know, and I know, you did that. Now go back up and read the few lines that were in this blog. I'll even make it easy for you so you don't have to scroll. Click here, it will take you to the top. (How lazy can one get? Maybe next year you should dress up like a couch potato!)

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Dianne said...

I would have commented sooner but I needed to recover from those scary pics! I would have never guessed that Swiffur and Bluepurr were Bluepurr and Swiffur...those were GREAT costumes!

I think Halloween is groovy! Peace out.