Lindsay's Drama - By RNK

Rachel, Age 9: Mom, why is Lindsay Lohan all over the magazines? What did she do?
Me, Age 29: Nothing, now eat your dinner.
Rachel, still Age 9: Mom!

Rachel spent last week at Performance Arts camp and I discovered that she has acting skills. She has impeccable comedic timing and ended up stealing the show. Becoming an actress has now been added to the list of what she wants to be when she grows up.

Due to this new interest, I did end up explaining to her what Lindsay Lohan did and why she is in the news lately. When I finished explaining, I asked Rachel to write a synopsis of what she learned from our conversation for my blog. Here is what she wrote:

I'm sure you've all heard of Lindsay Lohan, star of the Parent Trap. But Hallie/Annie has grown up, and I have to admit, I like Lindsay better as a kid.

I've heard about what happened with Lindsay. It started with her drinking alcohol while driving. Twice. Like any other wrongdoer, the police caught her, and she got sent to jail.

The judge decided to give Lindsay another chance. Lindsay wouldn't go to jail, she'd just have to go to an alcohol education. Before I tell you what happens next, I just wanna say that if I were in Lindsay's position, I would consider myself...lucky that I'm not going to jail (but I will never be in that position). But Mom told me that drinking alcohol makes you all fuzzy-headed, so maybe that's why Lindsay did what she did.

Lindsay didn't go to the education thing, and because of that she had to go to court again. Well, she was supposed to. Lindsay was in France on the day before court in America. She 'claimed' that she lost her passport and couldn't make it in time.

I'm not sure I believe her, but maybe she really did loose her passport.

So when Lindsay got back to America, she had to go to court...again.

The judge gave her ONE MORE CHANCE.

Lindsay had to wear an anklet. And not just you're average girl anklet, it was, like an...alarming anklet. If Lindsay drank alcohol, at ALL, the anklet would send an alarm to the judge.

And guess what?

The anklet sent an alarm. Court time.

Lindsay says that she didn't drink, but nobody believed her. Technology still works, Lindsay.

So the judge simply said, "You didn't go to alcohol education, but you had excuses. You drank alcohol, and you had excuses. You didn't come to court, and you had excuses. Well, I say no more excuses. You're going to jail."

She didn't say exactly that, but that's what happened.

Now Lindsay Lohan is going to jail. It's sad that she drank while driving in the first place.

If I ever become a child star like she did, I'd rather be like, um, Raven Symone. She started off well on the Cosby Show and ended happily as Raven from That's So Raven. Nothing ever happened with her.

I'd say that the moral of this story is: Don't make things worse for yourself. Actually, there are a few morals:

1. Don't make things worse for yourself
2. Tell the truth
3. Expect to get caught when you do something you know is wrong.

And that is my Kaneclusion for Lindsay's Drama.


The above is verbatim from what she wrote. She received no guidance from me whatsoever. And it took her about 20 mintues to whip this up. In case you think that I used literary license at all, I scanned the pages she wrote and included them here.

Feel free to print this out and let your kids read it. If we start warning them at this age not to drink and drive, maybe they won't do it. I love that she came up with her own morals to the story.

My Kaneclusion: I will save this article she wrote, and when she comes stumbling home at 3:00 in the morning, drunk, I will take this out and have her read it.


dianne said...

At 9 rnk already has more insight than Lindsay. I think she will handle her celebrity much more responsibly!

Cathy said...

She is an amazing kid...You are so very blessed...

Dianne said...

To Rachel- I LOVED your blog article! it was very well written but more importantly it shows that you understand how to act responibly. Maybe if Lindsay read it she would understand too!


Pati said...

wait a sec! "you- age 29???

Jocelyne said...

Wow, amazing work RNK! Will definitely share with Sabrina. Sharon, you should be really proud...

Eleanor said...

Hi Sharon – This is absolutely amazing! She writes better than most of the adults I know. What a smart cookie!! She’s more than just mart though – she’s incredibly mature and has great thinking skills. Thanks for sharing this with me. Eleanor