Does Size Matter?

I've been told that some of my blogs are too long and they take too much time to read. That people have busy schedules and they don't have time for my nonsense. Not that I'm comparing myself to these people, but did anyone tell the Apostles they were going on too long? "Hey Paul, can you just get to the part where He walks on water and turns one fish into thousands?" Has anyone called Wally Lamb to say, "Could you speed it up? I don't have all day. Can you just tell us that she's come undone and just be done with it?" I think not.

Let me remind you that this reading entertainment is FREE. You didn't have to buy it in a store; didn't have to subscribe to anything; didn't have to join a book club; and best of all, some of you know the cast of characters, whether directly or indirectly. So, stop yer bitchin!

But to appease you lazy readers out there who claim to have no time to read all of my blog. (Oh, and keep in mind I can see what you are doing on Facebook. You have time. Plenty of time as far as I can tell. I know, those farms need tending.) This week's blog will be short and sweet. Happy now? Matter of fact, you barely have to read at all. You just need to look at the pictures and read the captions. Can I make it any easier for you people? (You exhaust me.)

Here it is...
(Did these last 3 words put you over the edge? Did I exceed the word count? Just scroll.)

Photo 1: Rachel reading a book, pretending to be all studious. She had me convinced for a while. But upon further investigation...

Photo 2: ...her buddy Swiffur was joining her under the table, sharing a seat.

Photo 3: This was obviously a book club that I wasn't invited to...

Photo 4: Rachel's reading choice.

Photo 5: Swiffur's reading choice.

My Kaneclusion: See. Children, and even cats, like to read. Why are you complaining about how long my blog is????

In all seriousness, years ago I wrote a book and in telling someone about it, I told him that it wasn't long enough, that I felt that I had to have more pages. This person asked me why, why did I feel like it had to have a certain number of pages. He gave "Bridges of Madison County" as an example. Since then, I don't pay attention to length as long as my point gets across. Sometimes it's short and sweet; sometimes the creative juices flow and I can't stop. But if it is a deterrent to reading it, I want to know. So, please take a second to answer the poll on the top right section of this blog to help me determine whether my blog is too long or too short. I have no way of knowing who clicks on what so feel free to be honest. If clicking a button on a poll doesn't quite express your thoughts enough, feel free to comment on this blog, or email me at Thank you in advance for your participation.

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sandra said...

Sharon....that was precious!!!